Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Architectural Inspiration

Final year architecture student, John Pilsbury, looked into the relationship between The Grapes pub and the river Thames, and experimented with the idea of layering existing wallpaper styles present in the pub to create another structure.

As well as using interesting laser cutting techniques, Pilsbury also looked into the potential use of the off-cuts which I think is an excellent use of material 


Sunday, 14 November 2010

Accidental Illusion

Playing around on photoshop with dots I created this trippy image:

Which gives the dots a 3D look, and is a little bit blinding

Austere Luxury

Emerging trend 'Austere Luxury' for Spring/Summer 2011 and Autumn Winter 2011-12, sees a stripped-back construction material look. 

Designers are "Re-writing aesthetic codes as we look for pared-down, hidden luxury with 'quiet' branding."

Evident of this is Demakersvan's 'lace' fences, using basic materials yet still creating an intricate design. Retaining its function as a fence, not just becoming an art piece.

Demakersvan's designs are beautiful, and have a quality I would like to portray through my work - with the use of hard/soft metallic/transparent materials

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Alternative Surfaces

In order for my materials to reflect the underwater theme, and for me not just to use normal wallpaper, I want them to be either reflective, transparent or a mixture of the two (possibly achieved through layering/laser cutting)

Some potential materials from company BBrown:

I need to source some more materials with the transparency I am after, and possibly some other alternative reflective surfaces. Taking inspiration from wallpaper designers I have researched, possibly varnished wood veneer, and different kind of vinyl

Inspirational Traditional Movement & Repeat

 In the form of William Morris:

In order to understand repeat in traditional print I am studying William Morris' designs. He got to a point in his career where he was able to complete a successful design in under an hour.
I have decided to fully understand the principles of wallpaper I must put all my final designs into repeat, if only I could complete a working design in an hour!
Photographs taken at the Central Saint Martins Museum & Contemporary Collection Archive

Monday, 8 November 2010

Face au mur. Papiers peints contemporains

A contemporary wallpaper exhibition which needed so much surface area it took over two museums, which I wish is in London but is actually in Switzerland.

Showcasing wallpapers, but with one museum design based and one art based, both had different angles of wallpaper they wished to display. The exhibition as a whole showing how art and design come together and how artists and designers work together but give different angles on the same projects.

Innovative wallcovering ideas on display include 'movie wallpapers' by Brigitte Zieger, a contemporary take on a traditional toile and can be seen:


The full article:


Thursday, 4 November 2010

Tokujin Yoshioka

Artist Tokujin Yoshioka creates beautiful 'Invisble' structures using transparent materials, inspired by senses such as wind and light.

The innovative 'Invisible Chair' is aimed to make you feel like you're sitting on air.
I particularly like Yoshiokas material choices, reflective and transparent, which I would like to use within my work.